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Capacitors Digital Cameras Electronic Chips Electronic Housing Chassis Fiber Optics LEDs Liquid Crystal Displays Membrane Switches Microwave Components PC Board Assemblies SMT Circuit Boards EFD engineered fluid control systems are trusted for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, lubricants, and other assembly fluids that increase productivity for nearly every industrial manufacturing process.

1K and 2K Fluid Packaging

Adhesives Bait Gels Braze Pastes Epoxies Greases Lubricants RTV Sealants Silicones Solder Pastes Thermal Compounds

Food Manufacturing and Packaging

Coating Food with Scent/Flavoring Filling Perfume Bottles Filling/Topping Off Foil Packets and Other Containers Lubricating Can Stock, Can Ends, and Pull Tabs Lubricating Foil Slitters Shrink Wrapping


Accessories Camera Modules Cover Glass Displays Frames Keypads Microspeakers Miscellaneous Unit Assembly Protective Treatments Touch Panels

Life Sciences

Catheters Contact Lenses Defibrillators Diagnostic Equipment Hearing Aids Membranes Pacemakers Pills and Medicines Respiration Devices Stent Coating Surgical and Dental Tools Syringe Lubrication Vial Filling


Caulking Chemical Anchors into Concrete, Brick, Stone, and Wood Crack Repair Door and Window Sealing Hydraulic Pumps Joint Sealing Nail Plate Manufacturing Roof Installation


Cockpits Electrical Systems Flight Recorders GPS Systems Instrument Panels Landing Gear Measurement Instruments Military Munitions Propellant Parts Satellites Seating Turbines Wire Harnesses


Air Conditioning Systems Body Panels Brakes Control Switches Electrical Systems Engine Components Frames and Suspensions Fuel Systems Instrument Panels Lighting, Headlamps Mirrors Passenger Restraints Sensors, Relays, Regulators Transmissions Wheels Windshields Wiring Harness Connectors

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